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sorry if i wasnt posting  anything lately guys! ;-; 

but heres the volleyball babies i did~

Here’s more adoptables!! @ w @ Loli Bun’s and Dotz needs a home!

i forgot the price: Loli Bun and Dotz are $15

I decided to do sport fox babies for my first adoptable set U v U if you guys are interested in anyone of them, theyre about $13 each~  ok fine $10 each
if you guys dont wanna buy em just reblog this, maybe someone will ; o ; 

Im gonna make some adoptables and see if u guys like them ; o ;

guys if I decide to make adoptables, would u actually buy them?

Kubs told me a cute fact about her family. They greet by tapping butts and giving u cute compliments (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Cute bjc for ur needs (ˆˇˆ)

I wanted to do those screen cap redraws and i decided to use seigou <3

line art and colored my oc ; w ; <3

aint he neat, aober

golly, he suRE IS